Herald Tribune - She Loves Me (The Players Theatre) "Matthew M. Ryder as George, makes his area debut in a charming style as a stiff, slightly awkward and insecure man, who sings with feeling and an infectious joy in the title song". - Jay Handelman

Sarasota Magazine - She Loves Me (The Players Theatre) "But leads Ryder and Anaya are a draw throughout, and Anaya's vocals really soar when they need to, backed by musical director Teresa O'Connell and her small orchestra". - Kay Kipling

Your Observer - She Loves Me (The Players Theatre) "Anaya and Ryder show real chemistry.  While they're both excellent singers, Anaya is a standout".  - Marty Fugate

Herald Tribune - La Cage aux Folles(The Players Theatre) "Paired with a charming and patient Matthew M. Ryder as Georges, Albin's husband and the owner/manager of the St. Tropez nightclub where Albin performs as the drag star Zaza, Ayers plays up the dramatic intensity of his character without making it seem fake.  Albin is needy and egotistical, and Georges knows how to soothe him, making their relationship genuine and tender.  They both manage to mix humor and humanity without making it feel saccharine either in Harvey Fierstein's book or the generally bright and cheery songs by Jerry Herman". 

"You feel Georges' pain when he talks to his husband about Jean'Michel's request, leading to Ayers' powerful version of I Am What I Am".

"Ryder, who most recently starred in "She Loves Me," is touching, particularly when pointing out to Anthony Spall as Jean-Michel the love Albin has showed him all his life in Look Over There." - Jay Handelman

Your Observer - La Cage aux Folles (The Players Theatre) "But his adoring partner, Georges (Ryder) walks on cracked eggs and makes it all better.  Ryder gets to play the straight man, for want of a better term - and delivers an equally hilarious performance."  - Marty Fugate

RadioSRQ - La Cage aux Folles (The Players Theatre) "Local celeb Berry Ayers (a/k/a Beneva Fruitville) handles the leading role of the flamboyant ZaZa/Albin with grace and charm and Matthew M. Ryder as Georges serves as the perfect yang to her yin."   - Susan Wallach

Matthew M. Ryder was nominated for a 2016 Handy Award by Jay Handelman from The Herald-Tribune for his role as George in She Loves Me at The Players.

She Loves Me was awarded Best Community Theatre Musical in the Herald-Tribune Curtain Call Awards.
Herald Tribune - Billy Elliot - Venice Theatre -  "Matthew M. Ryder is strong and touching (when needed) as Billy’s lonely, stressed-out father, and Patrick Tancey is effectively hot-headed as Billy’s older miner brother". - Jay Handelman

Sarasota Magazine - Billy Elliot - Venice Theatre - "Bissell and Peg Harvey (as Billy’s loopy grandma) deliver some engaging renditions, as does Ryder on a more traditional, yet highly personal, folk song". - Kay Kipling

TalkinBroadway.com - Billy Elliot - Venice Theatre - "Matthew M. Ryder comes to the role of Billy's dad after two highly acclaimed leading roles at Sarasota Players last season. While this role is much more acting than singing, based on what I see, Mr. Ryder is a welcome addition to the local talent pool".  -  William S. Oser.